As the office evolves and we take on a more people-focused approach to its design, at CI we’re increasingly turning to biophilic references and styles to create the most desirable working environments; and workspaces that will bring workers into the office and help them to engage with each other and their surrounds.

The bionic design provides a design process incorporating both form aspects and functional principles. Bionic design can serve as a bridge between design and other related sciences and therefore performs a prominent role in the development of the product design domain.

Bionic design is a holistic approach to design that blends the aesthetic elements of form with the practicality of function. It acts as a conduit, connecting the realm of design with various scientific disciplines, thereby playing a pivotal role in the evolution and innovation within the field of product design. This interdisciplinary synergy fosters the creation of products that are not only visually appealing but also functionally superior, pushing the boundaries of traditional design methodologies.

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