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Simply because we want you to be different.

Choose CI because we champion uniqueness. We are dedicated to crafting an impeccable image for your organization, driven by our unwavering commitment to perfection.

Our mission is to set you apart. We strive for your organization to embody perfection, which is why we pursue nothing less than excellence. At CI, we deliver unparalleled quality in products and services within the interior design and fit-out sector. We recognize that true quality is reflected in performance, reliability, and longevity. Thus, we commit to the highest standards of quality throughout every phase of our partnership. While each project bears the hallmark of CI’s craftsmanship, rest assured, your unique identity will shine through in the exceptional quality we provide.

Cedrus International CI Saudi Arabia Interior Design Office Furniture

We guarantee the assignment of seasoned professionals to every pivotal role within our projects, ensuring a harmonious blend of expertise and dedication. Our team management ensures that each member fulfills their project obligations with precision. Collaboratively, we set financial and temporal frameworks, maintain their currency, and adeptly navigate any shifts. The vigilance of our construction and installation oversight guarantees that the end product not only meets but surpasses your aspirations.

Guiding projects from inception to fruition, we employ a cohesive, accountable approach to secure outstanding outcomes. Our leadership in project execution and construction management is the cornerstone of delivering superior quality, punctuality, and fiscal adherence.

Our dedication extends beyond the project’s culmination. We remain at your service to ensure seamless functionality. Once the new environment is inhabited and operational, we engage with you to conduct a Post-Occupancy evaluation, assessing the effectiveness of the space in use.

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