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For a construction project to be successful, the architecture project manager must deploy specific techniques of controlling time, costs, risks, communication, and integration.  It is widely accepted that a good Project Manager is support for architects to produce better buildings, which is actually what architects want to and are trained to do. So, should architects become project managers?

By engaging with CI in Saudi Arabia, your architects can focus on what they are best at – design and architecture. Our expert project managers and designers approach every project with dedication and commitment that maintains a constant focus towards delivering the project in accordance with our clients’ needs, wants, and, expectations. Our systematic approach, combined with our strategic scheduling and building envelope experience, give us the ability to effectively and efficiently uncover potential gaps that hinder the building performance.Architectural Consultancy and Project Management Cedrus International Saudi Arabia

CI Interior Architects’ most important asset is its people—and those people come from a diverse background that informs the spaces they design.

We design people-centric environments across vertical markets. Our intent is to enrich the human experience, create wellness, strengthen brand and culture, and integrate technology as well as new ways of working. We anticipate the future to realize our client’s vision and goals.Interior Architectural Design Cedrus International Saudi Arabia

Design toward LEED certification upon demand Cedrus International Saudi Arabia

CI offers architectural and consulting services with proven expertise in green design and LEED Certification processes, providing greater value for clients and enhanced design in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our firm possesses unsurpassed expertise in professional guidance and consultation in choosing materials, coordinating construction practices, and providing documentation for LEED Certification.

CI’s staff includes licensed architects, as well as being LEED Accredited professionals with experience in building interior design & commercial interiors (BD+C & CI) LEED Certification.

Our team has been designing sustainable systems, helping facilitate comprehensive LEED initiatives at all types of facilities over the years. The idea of “going green” is not new to us. In fact, we have always recognized the importance of environmental stewardship and building-system efficiency. Conservation of energy, power, water, and other vital resources is a key aspect of every project, not only creating cost savings for building owners but enhancing the client’s image and helping protect our environment as well in our beloved Saudi Arabia.

Design toward LEED certification upon demand Cedrus International Saudi Arabia

A Riyadh based interior design firm, CI specializes in office & workplace design and professional service architecture.

We envision the potential physical environment that will support your people at work. We combine this vision with expertise from across all disciplines of design: architecture, culture, brand, and technology. We create inspiring work environments that support the people that use the space and the business that drives it.

The workplaces we create are the result of what we have heard and what we have seen – during our interactions with you and from our experience with businesses similar to yours.  We engage our clients in the creative process through workshops, interactive sessions and virtual imagery. The result is a meaningful solution that is a reflection of your vision.Architectural Corporate Interior Design Cedrus International Saudi Arabia

MEP Works Cedrus International Saudi Arabia


CI provides trusted expertise in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) design services for KSA-based clients. We have specialized knowledge in working with secure critical facilities, sustainable-design projects, facility renovations and upgrades, and international projects as well. No matter what the nature of the client’s MEP design and engineering needs, we set ourselves apart by delivering outstanding value to any project.

⏩ MEP Engineering Services in Saudi Arabia by CI

CI signboards’ department is obsessed with making retail display hardware easier for our customers. We’ve been manufacturing and distributing retail display hardware for years. We provide over 10,000 different retail display hardware products — ceiling systems and accessories, cable and chain, info strips and product merchandising, sign and literature holders, display construction and rings, and binder posts. And, for specialized needs, we can quickly design and manufacture just about any product to any specification. If you need custom design work or some secondary operation turned around quickly, we’ll assign the right team to your project and we’ll solve it. Recently we have installed huge signboards in the new SPARK project in Saudi Arabia. This business has met with great success and appreciation from our clients.

Signboards for Corporate Cedrus International Saudi Arabia

Quality and reliability from Engineering, to production, to distribution. CI’s story has evolved from humble beginnings to a diverse and innovative landscape of products that have propelled us to be one of the largest wholesale furniture brands in Saudi Arabia. Welcome to CI — this is our story. At CI, we’re dedicated to providing beautiful furniture products that create better places for people to work and enjoy. We’re committed to delivering them with remarkable quality, speed, and ease.

Worldwide and locally, our sister companies’ furniture manufacturers design products for our clients while ensuring that they are tailored for distinct cultures and client preferences, greater agility, and more sustainable sourcing. With our global footprint and diversity of ideas, we deliver the best in design thinking to clients wherever they are in Saudi Arabia. 

For offices and based on observing how your employees perform their work, we will develop workstations and ancillary furniture that not only supports their efforts but enhances it. We will identify furniture manufacturers and dealers that are appropriate to your needs, and work with them to deliver solutions that are cost-effective.

Offices – Theaters – Hotels – Banks – Restaurants Furniture Supply Cedrus International Saudi Arabia


For theaters, we offer the largest selection of cinema theater and media rooms seating. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most comprehensive assortment available anytime and anywhere.

Offices – Theaters – Hotels – Banks – Restaurants Furniture Supply Cedrus International Saudi Arabia

⏩ Acoustic Cinemas by CI in Saudi Arabia

Moreover, CI has gained experience providing hotel furniture, banquet furniture, bank furniture, and restaurant furniture. We select for our clients, furniture products from factories that have advanced manufactured techniques and equipment, high capacity workshop, a big team of technology workers, and QC in the workshop.

We are able to design new products customer’s specifications. Competitive prices and excellent service with a good reputation in the market. Whether you’re looking for the best in value for money or seeking the top brands in the marketplace, you’ll find what you’re looking for with us. We carry all the major brands that offer quality and stand behind their products with solid warranties.


With multiple designs & built projects and combined experience between our management personnel, CI performs fit-out contracting projects for Saudi Arabia’s commercial, industrial, educational, sports, entertainment, and restaurant facilities of all sizes and complexities.

Architectural Fit-Out Contracting along with Offices, Restaurants, Hotels, Smart Banks and Banks, Cinemas and Theaters Fit-Out Cedrus International Saudi Arabia

While integrity, quality, reliability, and safety are the foundations of our business, we believe that building a strong team relationship with our clients is the key that ensures each project’s success. Whether you’re in need of a repair, renovation, a re-roof, fit-out, or a brand-new project, CI fit-out contracting’s department offers the first-rate service you can count on.

⏩ Fit-Out Contracting at CI

CI has been at the forefront of landscape architecture and planning with the transformation of neglected urban sites, waterfronts, and campuses into iconic landscapes.

Landscapes & LED screens 3D effects for façades including indoors Cedrus International Saudi Arabia

Our offices in Saudi Arabia, the United States, and Europe, united by a philosophy of expressive and responsive design, fueled by rigorous research and investigation to create enduring landscapes for communities, institutions, and individuals. Often located in the heart of cities, these projects richly integrate urban systems, resilient planting and material strategies, and places for people. Our work engages the diverse and dynamic forces that impact sites, with the intention of setting landscapes into motion – evolving and adaptable, yet clearly human-made and managed. Every project is distinct, requiring a range of design approaches: amplifying the natural phenomena of a site, expressing narrative qualities, transforming infrastructural impediments into public realm opportunities, or encouraging individual interpretation and discovery. Above all, our deeply collaborative process aspires to foreground landscape – contributing to our civic and environmental resilience.

As a part of our landscape creativity, we are introducing the stunning LED screen façades using immersive technology thus bring you a colorful and harmonious world.

Supported by strong manufacturers, we provide transparent 3D LED screens (called clear glass display; clear LED display, and so on) which are widely applied to commercial shopping mall, glass wall, building office, airport, store window, 4S stores, exhibition center, bank, stock market, theaters, etc.

Landscapes & LED screens 3D effects for façades including indoors Cedrus International Saudi Arabia

As a result, CI is considered a pioneer for dynamic advertising in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

⏩ 3D LED Façades by CI