Smart Bank Design Cedrus International CI Saudi Arabia

CI’s Banks Designs aims to provide a learning and research environment focused on helping customers get the most from the current and next-generation banking services in Saudi Arabia. Such banks’ designs will bring Banks’ leading-edge technologies together in a physical hub to showcase, test, and introduce customers to the best digital banking experience in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, it will deliver an innovative and compelling experience through digital self-service capabilities, remote advisor accessibility, mobile device demonstration, and a digital ‘avatar’ that navigates customers through the experience. As well as having access to bank products, visitors will have free use of iPad, iMac, and WIFI in a unique banking environment that is unlike any other. Customers now choose how they wish to interact with the bank in a way that suits them best.

From flagship branches to regional roll-outs, you can be assured that CI will assign you a team of specialists in retail banking fit-out.

Dedicated personnel to make your banking fit-out run smoothly

We have been concentrating on retail banking fit-out in Saudi Arabia and are adept at delivering a consistent design theme from branch to branch while also working to deadlines ensuring our banking clients and their customers are not affected.

You manage the bank. We manage the fit-out

Our teams of project managers and tried, tested, and trusted local contractors will make sure your branch fit-out runs smoothly, to the deadline, and to the budget. Our retail banking fit-out service is founded on continuing relationships with our clients. High-street banks come back to our dedicated teams time and again because they know the quality of our work, our expertise, and our experience. We understand our clients’ priorities in serving their customers and guarantee that everything is delivered on time, time after time.

Business as normal

For renovation projects, we are also used to dealing with in-occupation fit-out projects. We will ensure that your branch can stay open for business by working out of normal banking hours and keeping any disruption to the absolute minimum.

Smart Bank Design Cedrus International CI Saudi Arabia

CI, your brand gate to the future, is a trailblazer in the banking furniture industry in Saudi Arabia, offering bespoke solutions that blend contemporary design with futuristic functionality. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every piece of furniture that not only meets the aesthetic and ergonomic needs of modern banking but also integrates seamlessly with advanced technological systems. CI’s portfolio showcases a range of products that are designed to transform traditional banking spaces into innovative, customer-friendly environments. With an emphasis on quality and durability, CI’s furniture is crafted to withstand the demands of daily banking operations while providing an inviting atmosphere for customers. By choosing CI, banks can ensure that their branches are equipped to face the future of banking with confidence and style.

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