CI’s vision for immersive theaters is revolutionizing the cinematic experience. With the advent of movie theaters in Saudi Arabia, CI has seized the opportunity to introduce avant-garde cinema designs that resonate with this new era. Our expertise is showcased through the innovative use of space and materials, as seen in the attached images where the foyer is transformed by a canopy of angular shards, creating a dramatic prelude to the cinematic journey.

In the auditoriums, the strategic placement of acoustic panels not only optimizes sound quality but also contributes to the thematic decor, mimicking the artistic aftermath of a cinematic spectacle. This intentional blend of high-tech acoustics and thoughtful design ensures that every CI theater is a sanctuary of sound and sight.

CI’s commitment to acoustical excellence extends to meticulous soundproofing against external disturbances and fine-tuning the internal acoustics to perfection. The HVAC systems are scrutinized for noise control, ensuring that nothing detracts from the immersive audio-visual experience.

As the number of theaters in the Kingdom grows, CI’s dedication to distinctive and memorable cinema environments remains unwavering. Our goal is to create spaces that captivate the senses, much like a visit to a museum or gallery, where the design itself becomes an integral part of the audience’s experience. CI’s theaters are not just venues for watching films; they are cultural landmarks that stand out in the landscape of entertainment.


The immersive theaters changing the way we experience film; accordingly, CI’s team is designing. Since the recent opening of movie theaters in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the CI’s cinemas fit-out contracting department wanted to present futuristic cinema designs that fit into this occurrence.

Our know-how in this field is multiple, for example in the attached pictures, the pillars are strewn across the foyer beneath a sculptural canopy of angular shards. In the auditoriums, hundreds of acoustic panels have been scattered across the rooms’ walls, appearing like piles of bricks and rubble. It is simple homogenized coordination between the high tech and the design. It looks like the aftermath of a high-budget Hollywood explosion — and that’s precisely the point.

The CI’s acoustical design of cinematic theaters entails the sound isolation of the theaters from exterior noise, and from adjacent theaters, the acoustic design of the room, and the evaluation of the HVAC design concerning noise generation.

With movie theaters now outnumbering in the KSA, it is proving harder than ever to be distinct. But CI is on a mission to craft unforgettable cinema experiences. the goal is always the same: immersive interior design that audiences enjoy as they would a museum or gallery. 

Acoustic Partitions by CI

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