Office workstations by CI - Saudi Arabia

The right workspace can provide the proper foundation for endless productivity. CI’s collection of office workstations and ergonomic chairs feature simple and clean designs for an uninterrupted workday, the way a workspace should be. Browse through the best office workstations designed for the best work environment.

1. Shard

The special triangular-shaped section of the supporting structure of Shard is a highly distinctive sign of its minimalist elegance and outlines the structural path of the whole project. Thought to offer multiple solutions for the organization of the most diverse operating tasks associated with modern work applications.

This modular system combines support legs and beams with worktops of various sizes, to create endless compositions, ranging from simple individual desks to multiple in-line workstations.

2. Point

This desk system is elegant and functional at the same time. Point is characterized by the structure in aluminum and multiple finishes of the worktops. The design flexibility and the different dimensional possibilities can make it the ideal interpreter to meet any kind of needs.

Combining rigorous design with high versatility components, in line with the most modern interpretations of office systems, Point is able to meet the basic layout requirements of those who work alone on simple rectangular tables, as well as the more complex needs of a team requiring to work together in a more structured layout.

3. Corner

This collection of executive desks and tables is the perfect match for the highest care for detail expressed in an accurately designed building.

A system of right angles and clear-cut lines, forming an elegant ensemble of linear planes and perpendicular compositions. The corner is a symphony of lines meeting sharply into edges and tops breaking into angles, each one projecting independently into new directions.

4. Island

A modular system of sound-absorbing screens with extreme elegance that defines the privacy in spaces, microenvironments in shared areas for operational work, meetings, reception.

The typical design with vertical lines allows identifying areas with high versatility in the use and configuration. Moreover, its structure ensures proper acoustic and provides an adequate level of privacy.

A subsidiary product of Island is Island-Shared. Elements are light and versatile and can be moved to different places. Screen used to shape spaces, to define functions and paths, to close and open, to conceal and improve listening.

5. Bridge

The bridge is an office furniture system composed of self-supporting benches and tables that can be combined in different configurations, free-standing or resting on a bench. The bridge can suit operational functions as well as meetings or reception/shared environments.

It is a modular and versatile system whose various functions are defined by its 3 heights: 67 cm, benches with supporting function for worktops, suspended drawers, and screens; 75 cm desk and meeting table worktops; 107 cm, benches for meeting areas or used as reception counters.

The Bridge collection is completed by acoustic bookcases, free-standing or combined with benches, suspended drawers and service furniture, cabinets with doors, acoustic or glass screens. Besides their supporting function, Bridge benches also provide cable management through electrical channels and cables running under the worktop.

Bridge also includes single and double height-adjustable desks, free-standing or integrated with benches. The bridge is the ideal answer to the requirements of today’s agile and smart working which, within one same space, needs to offer different functions and atmospheres.

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