CI’s fit-out specialists have a track record like no other consultants. From the biggest, most complex corporate headquarters to national retail roll-outs to the small but vital projects that help keep businesses competitive, for decades we have delivered fit-out construction on time, on budget, and to an exceptional level of quality. We achieve this success for our customers with sound processes and proven delivery methods, driven by our fast-paced and agile culture.

We stand out in the industry for their unparalleled expertise and consistent delivery of exceptional results. Our portfolio spans a diverse range of projects, from the grandeur of expansive corporate headquarters to the strategic execution of national retail expansions, down to the critical small-scale projects that are essential for maintaining a competitive edge.

For decades, our commitment to timely, cost-effective, and high-quality construction has set us apart. This enduring success is not by chance but the result of meticulously crafted processes and time-tested delivery methods. Our approach is characterized by a dynamic and agile culture that adapts swiftly to the evolving needs of our clients and the market.

Our team’s agility is matched by our precision and attention to detail, ensuring that every project, regardless of size or complexity, is executed with the utmost quality. It’s this dedication to excellence that has cemented CI’s reputation as a leader in fit-out construction, trusted by businesses to transform their spaces into environments that reflect their brand and support their operations.

At CI, we don’t just build spaces; we create settings that resonate with the identity and aspirations of our clients. Our fit-out solutions are tailored to embody the unique character of each business, fostering an atmosphere that enhances productivity and well-being. It’s this holistic approach to fit-out construction that has earned us recognition and respect as a top-tier consultant in the industry, and it’s what we promise to deliver to every client we serve.

When it comes to professional and high-quality office fit-out and shop fit-out services, we are unparalleled. We make sure to apply the best methods in a fit-out contracting process. Our track record reveals broader experience across a wider range of sectors, geographies, and projects than any other contractor in the market. From major office fit-outs to large-scale global retail roll-out programs, from ‘day-two’ works to ATM installations, for decades we have delivered environments vital to our clients’ business operations and highly responsive to their evolving industries.

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