LED façade using immersive technology by CI

At CI, we are excited to introduce to the Saudi market our pioneering 3D Immersive LED outdoor façade screens. This cutting-edge immersive technology allows for an endless array of 3D content to be showcased, transforming buildings and indoor façades into dynamic, engaging displays. These screens are not just advertising platforms but are designed to create an experience, enveloping viewers in a vibrant, three-dimensional visual journey. Whether it’s for entertainment, branding, or artistic expression, our LED façades offer unparalleled opportunities to captivate and impress an audience in urban landscapes.

We are thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking addition to the Saudi Arabian market: our state-of-the-art 3D Immersive LED outdoor façade screens. This innovative technology marks a new frontier in architectural display, offering limitless possibilities for showcasing 3D content. These screens are engineered to transform both exterior and interior façades into pulsating canvases of light and motion, turning everyday structures into mesmerizing spectacles.

Far beyond mere advertising tools, our LED façades are conceived to forge immersive experiences that envelop onlookers in a vivid, three-dimensional odyssey. They are the nexus of technology and artistry, designed to engage, entertain, and inspire. Whether it’s the pulsating rhythm of entertainment, the bold statement of a brand, or the delicate touch of artistic expression, our screens are versatile platforms that adapt to any vision.

In the bustling urban tapestry, our LED façades stand as beacons of innovation, drawing the eyes and hearts of audiences with their unparalleled visual storytelling capabilities. CI’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible ensures that every installation is not just seen but felt, leaving a lasting impression that elevates the urban experience.

As an example in these videos, you can see the anamorphic illusion rears up before crashing into the surface of the screen, making the two-dimensional wraparound display seem more like a large tank. The simulation is so realistic. It looks as if the water is about to pour over the heads of people who pass through the busy commercial square.

The screen, measuring 80 by 20 meters (262 by 66 feet), is a creative platform for your brand advertisements, and digital art installations.

For your business, you can now create overwhelming experiences. This beautiful technology will evoke feelings of comfort for your clients– which is much needed now. Contact us to craft yours.

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