VIP Office Furniture Collections

Being the official provider of one of the finest furniture manufacturers in the world, the Italian Prestigious Codutti, we at CI have explored their designs to fulfill the needs of our VIP clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Codutti created arts in order to arouse the same emotion in people of very different nature.

From the finest dreams of having the best office furniture design, comes the collection ALFA from AlfaOmega Codutti. They are two spirits behind the same design idea.

Alfa is for anyone in love with a hi-tech, futurist, and innovative interior; Omega is for those who prefer a more classic elegance and timeless beauty.

Technology, from the Ancient Greek “discourse on art”: to remind us that the devices, that will make our future easier, cannot disregard design appeal. Alfa is the hi-tech version of AlfaOmega. Alfa collection highlights chromed details, while shadows underscore soft curves: lacquered extra-clear glass tops, gloss lacquered curves, and under-tops, legs, and accessories covered in tactile thick leather in modern embossed and carbon textures.

As for Omega, it is a story of dreams, design, and top-quality materials. Omega is the elegant version of AlfaOmega. This can be seen in the careful selection of woods, ebony and walnut dyed oak, the grains of which intertwine in tops and curves; in the refined insertion of black glass; in the use of exclusive thick leathers such as plum red color, and the technological surface which enables a layer of real slate to be worked as if it were leather.

The finishes created by the skillful hands of our craftsmen and the serial number, ensure that each AlfaOmega writing desk and meeting table is truly one of a kind in the world.

This elegant collection is available in white, black, black & white. Also, it can be crafted with strong colors for those who want to feel the thrill of control at all times. Here we introduce Rainbow:

The colors and the way they are matched tell who you are. Being able to choose them means having the freedom to express yourself and the chance to send a message to those around us. Rainbow is the project which permits personalizing the color of every collection, choosing from among the numerous leather finishes in the Codutti Sample Book.

Inside AlfaOmega, there is a multimedia heart that gives voice to the desk and transforms it into an object of desire for technology buffs with all the excellence of the very best of made in Italy imported carefully to our finest clients in Saudi Arabia. Writing desk or control room? Writing desk or soundbox? Working on the phone without having to hold it in your hand or relaxing while listening to music wirelessly? All this is Sound-office.

For the customers who choose this collection, we have created the AlfaOmega Treasure Chest, a casket containing a cleaning and touch-up kit to keep our furnishings looking beautiful over the years.

Inside the box, a gift from us, you will find a handmade leather document holder containing the Certificate of Authenticity of your AlfaOmega office.

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