CI Cedrus International - Kinetic wall - interior design - Saudi Arabia - KSA

CI proudly presents kinetic architecture & interior design in Saudi Arabia. Knowing that the kinetic systems are not new and have been used for years, we smartly apply this technology mechanically and digitally to create a living environment in our interior design process. The global perception creates the optical illusion of a circular shape made up of spheres rotating and rolling over its center, whereas the local perception is that each sphere moves along its own straight rectilinear path. With our excellent European associates, we deliver the best of this technology to all aspects of the architecture & interior design world. Accordingly, silent or soundless, CI’s kinetic applications are magical, possessing hypnotic installations that charm their users and encourage them to interact.

Other than interior design applications, kinetic facades functions might be very useful. For example, but not limited:

1- Aesthetic function: Kinetic facade can be used to create an artwork. It can depend on wind or people moving to make a responsive exterior.

2- Kinetic BIPV: The most common kinetic movements in Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPVs) are sliding and rotation to allow panels to track maximum solar energy.

3- Mega Faces platform: Stretchy facade in the MegaFaces forum can change in 3D to simulate the faces of visitors in a 3D scanning system.

4- Adaptive solar skin: It is a double-skin facade with rotating solar panels that track the sun’s movement. Also, the panels act as sun-shading shelves.

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