Office design partition by CI - KSA

Cedrus International CI is a dynamic industry, that looks towards the future, alive to collect market challenges, and, thanks to steady development, is a leader in office partitions.

CI offers from the finest European manufacturers a wide range of products: blind and glazed partitions, cabinets, staff, and executive systems; each of these products is used by designers to meet the needs of the customer, whose ideas are developed and integrated into a unique and personalized project.

Research and innovation, production flexibility, high technology, attention to detail, qualified services able to enhance the investment of users, reliability and continuity, and woodworking skill: all of the features are inherent in the company and its DNA. CI products and services stand for functionality, design, eco-friendly and environmentally friendly materials, and high quality: essential elements for the new work environment, where more and more attention to the welfare and comfort of the people cannot ignore the aesthetic and functional requirements.

1. Vision

Vision is the partition system with elegant and rigorous design. Conceived, designed, and built to achieve maximum comfort. Comfort in all its forms, from visual comfort to aesthetic comfort, from sound comfort to eco-friendly comfort.

Vision is a glazed partition without a vertical structure, which gives maximum transparency with a small thickness. Vision is also a blind wall, made with panels of the same thickness to ensure the continuity of design.

2. Sealed

The versatility of design and composition of the Sealed partition system allows free separation of contemporary architectural spaces. The modularity and the possibility of reconfiguration make this product highly customizable and able to meet any design requirement.

Some of the main characteristics of the Sealed system are the modular design, self-supporting metal framework, optional fittings and fixtures, ease of assembly and disassembly of all components, and, most of all, the possibility to respond to a wide range of requirements and quality specifications thanks to its double-panel modules with cavity gap, available in a variety of different versions.

3. Wood wall office partitions

A wood wall is an office partition wall proposed by CI where wood is the primary and distinguishing feature.
It is not simply a product, nor is it just a partitioning system made with materials that are different from those ordinarily used.

Wood wall is the synthesis of the new approach which proposes a different way of setting up the working environment, it is the expression of a process of rediscovery of natural materials and their essence.

4. Basic design

Basic is a partition designed to meet the needs of functionality and comfort. Transparency, light, and design characterized this partition. The use of single glass without uprights or solid panels makes this partition dynamic, lightweight, and highly competitive. La simplicité fait la beauté.

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